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Mister Dips Detroit debut

Mister Dips has opened in Parker’s Alley, adjoining the Shinola Hotel in Detroit. The playful eatery serves up signature griddle burgers, waffle fries and a selection of seasonal Dairy Dips, which are specialty soft serve cones. New menu additions include the Dipsy Doozy, which they have been deemed “a thick-aaazz shake” and the Java Buzzed Boozy Doozy, a combination of sea salted vanilla, Bailey’s Irish whiskey and caramel cold brew. Brought to life by NoHo Hospitality, Mister Dips was born in 2016 within a retrofitted 1974 Airstream, overlooking the Williamsburg, New York waterfront. In 2021, Mister Dips opened a new brick and mortar location on Pier 17 at Manhattan’s Seaport District. The Detroit location marks the concept’s third outpost. “This city has become a real second home for us since we opened San Morello, The Brakeman, Penny Reds, Evening Bar, and The Shinola Hotel,” said NoHo Hospitality co-owner, Luke Ostrom. “The Detroit community knows what it likes, and there’s no better time to open a unique, ‘come-as-you-are’ burger and ice cream spot for all ages...particularly after such a difficult year.” Mr. Dips is located at 19 E. Grand River Avenue.


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