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Dry January option

Partaking in Dry January, whether it be for health reasons or as a reset for the new year, doesn’t mean you have to forgo enjoying delicious beverages. Wright & Co., nestled on the second floor of the historic Wright-Kay building in Detroit, has launched a curated selection of sophisticated and imaginative concoctions designed to delight both seasoned mocktail enthusiasts and those embarking on the journey of alcohol-free options. Whether your palate leans towards classic concoctions or avant-garde mixology, the diverse offerings ensure there’s a drink to suit every taste. For the discerning coffee lover, the “Oxford Comma” boasts the robust essence of cold brew coffee, complemented by the sweetness of toasted coconut and the nuanced complexity of non-alcoholic old-fashioned bitters, awakening the senses with every sip. For those in the mood for fruity and refreshing flavors, “Never Been Kissed” is described as a tropical paradise in a glass, blending cucumber, strawberry hibiscus syrup, pineapple, lemon, and topo chico. Sweet tooths will love the mocktail “Untitled Art,” offering velvety richness in a chocolate dark brew with less than 0.05 percent alcohol by volume. The “Fashionable Guy” is an elegant fusion of vanilla cream, black tea, the tartness of cranberry, and a hint of ginger spice. And to top it all off, “Bittersweet Dreams,” features the nutty notes of pistachio orgeat blended with the citrusy burst of orange and grapefruit and effervescent tonic. 1500 Woodward, Floor 2, Detroit


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