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Retro dinner and a drink

Karl’s is like a classic American diner, so classic American TV dinners lend itself to our concept, and those of us who are talking about it, basically grew up on them,” said Kate Williams, chef and owner of Karl’s, about the restaurant’s new to-go options. The chicken tenders, and spaghetti and meatballs are right from the Karl’s menu – but are now served in TV-style trays, with additions that include items like their pork cutlet. Williams said the kid’s mac and cheese is also excellent. The establishment plans to rotate the TV dinner selections to keep it fun and interesting. Although Karl’s isn’t technically open for dine-in at the Siren Hotel, 1509 Broadway Street, Detroit, there are hopes to be open later this fall, and guests can take their meals to the Candy Bar, which is open on the second floor with newly implemented COVID precautions and a limited cocktail menu. Is it worth it to only be open at 50 percent? Absolutely, Williams said. “We’re in the business of hospitality and making people feel special,” Williams said. “So if we only get to do that 50 percent, we’re still going to do it.”

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