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Unique and accessible

The duo behind Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails Sandy Levine, restaurateur, and Doug Hewitt, chef – are opening up a second restaurant at 2929 E. Grand Boulevard, Detroit. Hoping to push the envelope with the upcoming spot, Freya & Dragonfly, it will be treated as two spaces with two separate concepts, each getting their own kitchen, with the one at Freya in the middle of the space. Dragonfly will consist of hand-held bites with a vegetable focus, and will be paired with a cocktail and beverage program, focused on lower alcohol cocktails that use lots of fresh produce. Freya will have a tasting menu with options that will be highly dependent on local harvests. At Freya, named after the Norse goddess of love, the duo want to match the experience of a $300 tasting menu but make it much more affordable. “I very much want this restaurant to be something everybody in Detroit can have access to,” Levine said. While they haven’t started demolition and the drawings aren’t complete, they hope to open by the end of 2020.

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