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Lucky be a coffee bar

Adding a coffee bar to a barber shop may seem outlandish – but not to Detroit Barbers’ owners Chad and Jami Buchanan. “A lot of barber shop concepts outside of Michigan have either a bar/coffee shop or something else attached to their look and feel and vibe,” Chad said. On October 22 they joined the club, opening Lucky Detroit, a coffee bar now located on the second floor of their space at 2000 Michigan Avenue in Detroit. While some, including Chad, assumed Lucky Detroit would primarily be for customers of the barber shop, it’s been the exact opposite, with most of their wide demographic just wanting to enjoy a cup of coffee in the speakeasy-styled place. Lucky Detroit is trying to use as many Michigan-sourced and made products as they can, like their coffee, made with beans from Bay City-based Populace Coffee, and their tea from Dearborn-based Retea. Even their pastries are all Michigan-made and come from Rising Stars Academy in Center Line.

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