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Unique meats and eats

Asking Marrow’s executive chef Sarah Welch which dish on the menu is her favorite is like making her choose between children. But if she must pick she would go with their sleeper hit, the corned pork tongue. “I was scared people wouldn’t really enjoy it and it’s been really well received,” she said. Pork tongue isn’t the only outlandish protein guests will find on the menu of Detroit’s first restaurant/butcher shop hybrid located at 8044 Kercheval Avenue. Owned by managing partner Ping Ho and chef Greg Reyner, the restaurant – which opened in October – plans to keep introducing the community to less common cuts of meat. So how do you get guests to eat it? “The joke around here is anyone will eat meat on a stick or anything you put in a dumpling,” Welch said. “I think those are going to be two of the things we use as vehicles for more intimidating proteins.” The menu will change throughout the year depending on what Welch and the butcher shop (lead by head butcher Nicholas Ponte) can get that is both local and seasonal. There are also plans to roll out brunch and a variety of classes before the holiday season.

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