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Slyde on in

Opening Slyde has been years in the making for the team behind it, but due to the coronavirus, its opening date has been pushed back again, this time to October 2020. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t introduce their menu to the city, before then – which they started doing in July through pop-ups serving carry-out at their future home, 7960 Kercheval Avenue, Detroit. “We had an overwhelming response from the neighborhood in the community, which was a little bit unexpected for us,” said Dana Frost, head of branding and marketing at Slyde, about their first pop-up in July. The menu consisted of affordable dishes that will probably be served at the new brick-and-mortar, including their mushroom cheddar burger; pub chicken, their version of a crispy fried chicken sandwich; southwest bean burger; and classic slider. There were also steak fries and pineapple rum wings. But Frost said the menu for their next pop-up, currently set for August 22, may be different. Chef Davante Burnley is getting free reign to see what’s fresh and local, and create menu items from there. Going forward, Slyde plans to continue these pop-ups at least once a month until they open in the fall, and Frost recommended pre-ordering for upcoming events on their website. The physical restaurant will include a main room, bar space, and small retail spot where custom sauces and spices will be sold.

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