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Pizza Pizza

When it came time to create the name for restaurateur Jeremy Sasson’s new restaurant he decided to bring it back to his childhood. “It’s always been a family, childhood nickname, so I decided to throw it out there,” he said about Sauce, which he hopes to open by next March. “I felt it was kind of a fun, tongue-in-cheek way of playing a little bit into my adolescence, which certainly involved and evoked a lot of pizza.” Sauce, 4120 Second Avenue, Midtown Detroit (the former home of Will Leather Goods), will be more than just pizza though. Sasson described the upcoming menu as new age, progressively modern Italian. As for the space itself, the 1949 building – that recently received approval from Detroit’s Historic District Commission for its planned changes – will keep some of the building’s historic elements and also add a new addition to the south side of the building. As far as the interior goes, Sasson said they’re looking to mirror mid-century Palm Springs, taking guests back to that Slim Aarons’ cool, mid-century America. Sauce will also have Side Sauce, an indoor/outdoor space that will primarily be a walk-up for coffee with an evolving seasonal menu, with retail and market products sold inside.

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