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Fall, anniversary celebration

Just shy of their one-year mark, Birmingham’s Hazel, Ravines and Downtown launched a new fall menu. Said menu – coming from co-owners Beth Hussey and Executive Chef Emmele Herrold — has additions like shrimp toast, cauliflower steak, smoked pork chop with corn pudding, and Aunt Bid’s Pot Roast. The main menu at HRD, as it is popularly known – located at 1 Peabody Street – isn’t the only one that underwent a makeover. So did their dessert menu, revamped by Pastry Chef Olivia Rinke. “We wanted to touch base on the good, hearty, old-school desserts that everyone loves,” said Rinke, who is partial to their chocolate silk pie. The gooey buttercake with a salted-caramel drizzle and peanut butter chocolate trifle have returned, along with new additions, like their vegan pops — in tahini, coconut, and raspberry — and the Wrecking Ball, homemade vanilla ice cream rolled in a sweet and salty mix, topped with Sanders Hot Fudge.


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