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Selflessly serving sandwiches

Tersion Yatooma really loves sandwiches, which played a role in why he and co-owner Patrick Maizy decided to open Spread Deli & Coffee House in Detroit. Located at 4215 Cass Avenue in Detroit, the duo hope to have the storefront open by the beginning of July. Spread Deli & Coffee House will serve a variety of sandwiches – Yatooma said the menu will probably have four to six, along with the ability to build your own – and offer simple coffee drinks. Just about every product used will be locally sourced from places like Eastern Market and Cadillac Coffee. “If our neighbors have such great products, why not use what they have?” Yatooma pointed out. Spread Deli & Coffee House also plans to give back to the community by serving one free sandwich to someone in need for every 10 sandwiches sold. The logistics aren’t completely worked out yet, but Yatooma said if they have to start going to local shelters and handing them out themselves they will. “I think there just comes a time in everyone’s life where you should do something in return,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s about taking care of your community.” And sandwiches.

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