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New digs for Avalon International Bread

Avalon International Bread has announced that they are embarking on a new chapter for the company which first opened in Detroit in June of 1997.  The company has reduced their Bakehouse footprint and closed their Detroit flagship cafe at 422 W. Willis. The operation moved into a new home at 411 W. Canfield, Detroit inside Jolly Pumpkin, creating a shared space that Avalon assures will maintain the unique strengths of both businesses. In a letter to their customers, co-founder Jackie Victor said, “Every year has brought new challenges and investments to an aging building that we do not own. When it became too crowded, we extended into a larger manufacturing space on the eastside of Detroit and we were able to spread the Avalon spirit to other communities in downtown Detroit and Ann Arbor. In the past two years since COVID hit, we have worked endlessly to restart and retool the entirety of the business. Our dedicated staff and partners have invested enormous resources: time, money, heart and soul. This new economy demands collaborations, partnership, increased efficiency, a reduced carbon footprint, and shared resources. The economy has shifted and now, so must we. On February 14th, when we greet you from our iconic Avalon counter, some things will have changed, but we will work to bring you the same warm hospitality, with sweets baked in-house throughout the day and our espresso machine serving up rich cappuccinos. There will be some of Avalon’s fan favorites, additional seating, new menu options and weekend brunch.” 411 W. Canfield Street, Detroit.


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