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Chef Darius Hamilton takes over at Public House

The evolution of modern American cuisine continues to unfold at Public House in Ferndale, as executive chef Darius Hamilton combines down-home cooking and gourmet standards to introduce an eclectic new menu. Hamilton previously served as executive sous chef for Townhouse in Birmingham, and positions at Prime + Proper, and the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe. Focusing on high-quality foods and scratch recipes, the new vegan and carnivore offerings build on the variety of diverse flavors that define American cuisine. From southern soul food to Italian-inspired entrees, each new dish at Public House starts with simple ingredients melded together to create complex and unique flavors. “I was taught to create flavor profiles,” Chef Hamilton said. “That means picking ingredients for their natural flavors and highlighting what is important to the dish to complement the palate.” “We really went off of customer reviews to see what people were asking for,” continued Hamilton, who was tasked with elevating the location’s separate vegan and carnivore kitchens. “We aren’t using any soy-based, pre-made items. Everything is from scratch, with the vegan side more vegetable forward.” 241 W. 9 Mile Road, Ferndale.


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