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Time for brunch

Instead of the classic eggs and toast brunch. 220 Merrill – 220 E. Merrill Street in Birmingham – guests will soon find an infinitely more creative menu. Planned to launch in mid-March, the restaurant’s new concept is focused on having a festive and party atmosphere, with food to match. Executive Chef Zach Crane said there will be a lot of whimsical items, with a strong mix between items that are sweet and savory. “There’s a really good balance between fresh and healthy and hearty, as well as simple things,” he said. Items include an acai bowl, Wagyu hash and eggs, breakfast pizza, an entire lobster section, and sharables, like the waffle tower and champagne punch. There are plans for guests to enjoy a DJ playing at the restaurant as part of the Sunday Brunch Party vibe. Anything Crane is excited for guests to try? “All of it actually...I think a lot of the food is going to be geared towards being ‘Instagram worthy,’” Crane said… Ivy Kitchen and Cocktails, 9215 E. Jefferson, Detroit, also launched a new brunch menu in February. Metro Intelligencer is a monthly column devoted to news stories, tidbits and gossip items about what's happening on the restaurant scene in the metro Detroit area. Metro Intelligencer is reported/created each month by Dana Casadei who can be reached at with news items or tips, on or off the record.

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