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Worldly cuisine

When trying to think of a name for their upcoming restaurant, those at Smith & Co. didn’t have to look very far, since they’re located inside the Smith Welding Supply & Equipment Company building at 664 Selden Street in Midtown Detroit. General Manager Dave Mammal said the name of the restaurant and building will also play a distinct role in its aesthetic, which he described as modern with an industrial style and natural elements, including sycamore tables and a green accent tile wall. As far as the food goes, Mammal said they’ll do new-age American style cuisine with global influences, which will leave a lot of room for Executive Chef Greg Antioho to experiment with flavors and cooking techniques. Mammal said he anticipates their menu will constantly be changing. Starting out, there are plans to have East Asian influences and Mexican empanadas on their menu come their early September opening. Smith and Co. will share the courtyard with Nain Rouge Brewery – which is shooting for a mid-October opening – with Smith & Co. selling their beer.

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