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Donut delight

If the smell of fresh doughnuts got you into 214 E. Grand River, Detroit, right by Punch Bowl Social, you probably aren’t alone. Detroit Mini Donut – founded by Karen Hudson and Karla Willis – opened their brick-and-mortar back in July. “They’re tiny and hot and amazing,” Hudson said about their already-infamous doughnuts. While they’ve been running out of food trailers for almost a decade, this permanent location is a first for the duo. “It’s been a wonderful learning process,” Willis said. “We’re very happy now.” The menu is similar to what they’ve done for years, doughnuts (by the dozen or a bucket), lemonade, and Italian ice, with a few additions, like their custard shakes – currently in vanilla, chocolate, and peanut butter – which are topped with a mini doughnut. And for those worried the mobile element of their business is done, don’t worry, they still have plans to keep showing up at events and will continue to cater.

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