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Family friendly shop

Proving Coffee Grounds co-owner James Courtney said once he and fellow owner Daman Auvenshine found the space in Royal Oak at 417 S. Washington Avenue, they jumped all in. It was the perfect spot for their second location of the ice cream/coffee/pastry shop. The 6,000 square foot space – three times their Milford shop – is shooting for a summer opening. Big renovations are planned, including a giant ocean-themed kids structure going in the second floor, which will have only one point of entry and exit for safety purposes. Party and conference rooms are available to rent in the space. Their main focus, naturally, is the coffee, which will be roasted on site. “We really focus on producing a cup of coffee that doesn’t need cream or sugar in order to taste good,” Courtney said. The family-focused shop will provide eight different single origins and four different proprietary blends, French presses, and nitro cold brew. Sixteen ice cream flavors and macaroons will be provided by Browndog Creamery. Other selections include muffins, scones, doughnuts, breads, danishes, and sandwiches and snack packs for kids. As in Milford, they plan on helping the Royal Oak community by partnering with local schools and organizations. Oh, and they are hiring.

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