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Another Asian adventure

The hospitality team that includes partners Kenny Koza and Clint Mansour, with Executive Chef Lloyd Roberts, have plans for an early May opening of their new restaurant, Zao Jun, 6608 Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Township. Unlike their other restaurant, the Japanese-focused Adachi – 325 S. Old Woodward, Birmingham – Zao Jun will be Pan Asian, and have a more casual, family-friendly feel. The price point will be less expensive and the large, open space ideal for large parties. General Manager David Kraus said the menu is about 50 to 60 percent Chinese, with Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, and yes, Japanese flavors, including sushi. Most of the sushi at Zao Jun will be simpler than Adachi – think shrimp tempura and spicy tuna. “We just thought with the casual atmosphere we could touch a lot of bases,” Kraus said. Zao Jun’s menu will have kid-friendly options, such as tempura chicken and dumplings. “Things that are kind of easy to win a child over,” he laughed. Even though they’ll have some “greatest hits” of Asian cuisine – almond boneless chicken, spring rolls, lettuce wraps – it doesn’t mean there won’t be more whimsical items, too. Kraus said a few selection are a little off the radar, including lamb chops marinated in Gochujang, a Korean red chili paste, currently being served at Adachi. Drinks include popular hits from Adachi, like the Origami, and classics, such as Singapore Sling and Mai Tai. As of April 11, they’ve passed all of their inspections and acquired their liquor license.

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