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Vegan food in retro air

Come late January, the inside of Shimmy Shack’s first brick-and-mortar – located at 1440 Sheldon Road, Plymouth – will be filled with rooms similar to a house in the 1950s, complete with the TV trays and record player to match, and food that probably wasn’t made much in the era. “Our whole mission is to dispel the myth that vegan and gluten-free food is boring and bland,” said owner Debra Levantrosser. They’ve done that for the last six years already with their food truck, which will still be used for larger events. Everything offered on the food truck will be at the restaurant – with a few additions. Levantrosser said they will offer rotating soups, new desserts, and are going to do Freaky Friday, a dish that will be offered all day – but guests will only know the mystery dish is vegan and gluten-free. “It’s going to be sort of an Iron Chef, whatever we have in the kitchen kind of thing,” said Levantrosser, a vegan for 29 years. FYI – no one will be riding around on roller skates.

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