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Shining at Shinola

It’s finally happening! San Morello – at the Shinola Hotel, 1400 Woodward Avenue, Detroit – officially opened in mid-December. “We just hope we rise to the occasion,” said Chef Andrew Carmellini, whose group, NoHo Hospitality, is in charge of the food and beverage options at the hotel. From the sounds of the menu, they will. Its focus is on the southern regions of Italy, both on the food and bar menus, and will have numerous options, including pasta and pizza. Carmellini is excited for Detroiters to try the menu’s prominent chicken dish, Whole Chicken “Rosalina,” which consists of a multi-day prep, is finished on the grill, and topped with a glaze and spices, as well as what he calls “His Grandmother’s Ravioli,” a meat ravioli with fresh tomato sauce, basil, and parmesan cheese. For right now, they will only be serving dinner, with plans to have lunch and brunch coming out of the kitchen in the near future. As for the other three announced food options, Carmellini said the Evening Bar is slated to open by the end of the year, while the Brakeman and Penny Red’s are planned for sometime next year. If everything goes right, all four will be open by spring. When asked if there were plans for any other food and drink options Carmellini laughed. “I think we’ll be tapped out after that,” he said.

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