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The flavors of Mexico

A new Mexican restaurant has opened in Royal Oak. Café de Olla is sharing a space with Royal Oak’s Café Muse on Washington Avenue. The partnership makes perfect sense since Café Muse is only open for breakfast and lunch and Café de Olla is open for dinner six nights a week (Tuesday-Sunday). Also, on Tuesday mornings, the one morning when Café Muse is closed, Café de Olla will serve up a classic Mexican breakfast made complete with “cafe de olla” – which is a Mexican spiced coffee as well as the café’s namesake. The establishment is owned by the De la Mora family – mother Ara Sotella serving as head chef. Sotella explains that what really differentiates their restaurant from other Mexican restaurants is the authenticity of the food. Sotella comes from a family of restaurateurs in Mexico; she went to culinary school in Mexico City as well.  Sotella sources fresh ingredients from local markets and Mexican stores throughout Detroit. Most popular dishes include the tortilla soup made fresh with tortilla julienne, cheese, sour cream, avocado and fried pasilla chilis and the enchiladas which feature corn tortillas filled with chicken bathed in a choice of sauces and topped with sour cream, queso fresco and avocado. There are also a number of authentic Mexican drinks and mocktails on the menu which include Margaritas made with tequila blanco, Triple Sec, homemade Margarita mix, and original pineapple tamarindo, as well as the non-alcoholic Agua Fresca Water made from fresh seasonal fruit such as pineapple, mango, strawberry, cucumber, lime and limonada. 418 S. Washington Avenue, Royal Oak


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