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Pastry chef wins top honors

Warda Bouguettaya, owner of Warda Pâtisserie in Midtown Detroit, was bestowed with the honor of “Outstanding Pastry Chef” at the 2022 James Beard Foundation’s Restaurant and Chef Awards in Chicago. Bouguettaya, who is originally from Algeria, wiped away a tear as she accepted her award. “We may look different, speak different languages, pray to different gods… I wanted a space that would celebrate a borderless world. A space where one cuisine wouldn’t be considered more sophisticated than the other. I wanted for the patisserie to reflect the America I left my motherland for,” said Bouguettaya. Warda Pâtisserie’s wide and varied selections include lemon chocolate financiers with French chocolate, Valrhona chocolate and blueberries; passion fruit glazed Madeleines; rhubarb, pistachio & geranium water tarts; and light and refreshing cheese cake topped with peach, verbena, mango or guava. The James Beard Awards, considered to be among the nation’s most prestigious honors, recognizes exceptional talent in the culinary and food media industries, as well as a demonstrated commitment to racial and gender equity, community, sustainability, and a culture where all can thrive. 70 West Alexandrine Street, Detroit


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