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Inn Season Kitchen closes

Royal Oak’s Inn Season Kitchen, the quick-service casual offshoot of Royal Oak’s Inn Season Café, opened in the summer of 2021 and is now permanently closed.  A Facebook post signed by owner Nick Raftis and others thanked their loyal customers and offered the following explanation for their closing: “There is no 10 percent inflation in the restaurant business. Since June, cauliflower, romaine lettuce, and oil (these are three just off the top of my head) have gone up between 80 and 200 percent, cauliflower went from $38 a case to $98 a case, romaine from $40 a case to $119 a case, and oil way, way up. Prices have increased but our ability for us to increase our prices to the customer is limited; can we charge $20 for a Greek salad in these recessionary times? No. This recession started in November 2021 as oil prices doubled (diesel fuels the shipping industry and its still over $5 a gallon) impacting consumer’s disposable income and attendance at this business. Thus, profit margins are nonexistent and we just cannot continue to go into debt with no possibility in the future to repay it.” The original Inn Season Café in downtown Royal Oak closed during the pandemic and has been undergoing renovations since that time. According to their Facebook page, Inn Season Café still hopes to reopen but there is no word on the timing.


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