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Epiphany – Nain Rouge Kitchen 

Detroit non profit, Soil2Service, has announced a new and unique restaurant concept, Epiphany – Nain Rouge Kitchen, located in Midtown Detroit. Epiphany, under the direction of Jeremy Abbey, executive director, and John T. Piazza, executive director of business development, is focused on redefining American comfort food. The restaurant will expand the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy (DIG) program, offer regular cooking classes open to the public and host local chefs’ association chapter meetings. In addition, Epiphany is a social enterprise for the metro Detroit community at large. “We are overjoyed to launch this next step for our non-profit. We are dedicated to redefining the essence of American comfort food by celebrating the rich tapestry of global flavors that have woven themselves into the local culinary landscape,” said Abbey. “We honor diverse cultures while invoking a sense of nostalgia and well-being through our food. Our commitment to culinary and hospitality excellence drives us to source top-quality ingredients and minimize food waste, all while building meaningful human connections through the shared experience of food. We look forward to welcoming guests to this new community space focused on food.”  Epiphany’s menu features flavor-packed dishes, including chicken fried quail, Bakkafrost Scottish salmon, the Epiphany burger, mushroom and goat cheese salad, roasted onion IPA dip, seasonal braise, sticky bread pudding, and more. 644 Selden Street, Detroit


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