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One if by sea

Hazel, Ravines and Downtown – 1 Peabody Street, Birmingham – has decided to embrace its success with seasonal seafood takeovers and become a seafood restaurant all year. Debuting October 1, HRD’s menu will focus on the Pacific Northwest, and throughout the year the menu will change four times to stick with seasonal seafood. “Rather than sit back and just hope we’re doing what people want, it’s fun for us because we get to play with new things and can really pay attention to what is available to us,” said executive chef, Emmele Herrold, who co-owns the restaurant with Beth Hussey. Herrold is personally excited about the Dungeness crab offerings. “It’s super fun. We’ll put it on the table with mallets. I’m just excited about that because it’s not something people see very often and it’s really fun and enjoyable to eat,” she said. Unlike their summer lobster pounds, these menus will not be accompanied by a theme in décor – HRD wants the focus to be the food. Speaking of, the menu will have King Crab and Alaskan halibut to pair with more Pacific Northwest flavors, such as mushrooms and hazelnuts. HRD is keeping their burger, fried chicken, and wings on the menu for landlubbers.The dessert menu and drink program will match the themes of the region too, with the next menu debuting in January.

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