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Primed for a return

Jeremy Sasson, Heirloom Hospitality president and CEO, reopened another one of his restaurants in late July, Prime + Proper, 1145 Griswold Street, Detroit. Even though they haven’t hit full stride yet, Sasson’s been pleasantly surprised with the amount of volume and guest feedback they’ve received since reopening. Face masks and the use of hand sanitizer are required for guests at the front door, among other safety precautions. The restaurant has made some physical changes to the space, with integrated booth partitioning that’s been added inside, and they’ve expanded their outdoor seating. Since they had such a long time to think about the menu – Sasson said it almost reminded him of pre-opening the restaurant for the first time given how much time they had to conceive it – expect a lot of new dishes. They introduced a lobster roll with pressed caviar on top, loaded beef fat potatoes with a mornay cheese sauce and house cured bacon, and a scallop entree with a sweet corn velouté. “These are new times, but I think that, in general, that’s the beauty of the hospitality and restaurant industry,” he said. “We are probably one of the more adaptable businesses on earth and this is just a time for us to kind of show that off.”

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