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New take on every day

In early 2020, Green Dot Stables owners Jacques and Christine Driscoll – along with managing partner Niko Dimitrijevic – will turn on the lights and fryers at a new joint located at 14447 E. Jefferson, Detroit. Yellow Light Coffee & Donuts will specialize in what it’s name suggests, coffee and donuts, along with fried chicken sandwiches. “We’re not breaking a mold of any sort but just trying to upgrade something that’s very traditional or bring it up to speed,” said Dimitrijevic, who grew up in Bloomfield Township with Jacques. The space itself is around 1,200-square-feet and has a menu focused on freshness and quality. It will include drip coffee which is all roasted in-house, cake and yeast doughnuts, and they were currently debating between maple glazed, hot chicken, or a bacon, egg and cheese fried chicken sandwich. Much like Green Dot Stables, the prices will be low, between $1 to $5, in hopes of being an affordable and approachable restaurant for all. Dimitrijevic – a glassblower by trade – is creating steel window treatments and pendant lights to look like 1950s doughnut droppers for the space.

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