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French inspirations

People really like the bacon at Savant, which opened in late September at 51 W. Forest Avenue, in Midtown Detroit. Like, really love it. “We have a review on Yelp that says we ruined every other bacon experience ever,” laughed Dana Taucher, general manager. The infamous bacon is also included on their just-launched brunch menu, which will be offered on Sundays, and has the fanciest avocado toast ever. The rest of the French-inspired menu from chef Jordan Whitmore and bartender Rebecca Wurster includes foie gras eclairs, ratatouille, imperial Wagyu steak-frites, and multiple vegan and vegetarian options, such as the vegan carpaccio salad with cashew cheese. The cocktails are no joke, either. Taucher said they’re more scientific than just a regular cocktail, and have different powders, dry ice, gels, foams, and flavored ice cubes. Inside the space there’s a walk-in gallery, and an alleyway next to the building that will be used as an art space. The duo also have plans to bring in local DJs and host pop-ups. “We’re the type of business where we want to sponsor other people,” Taucher said.

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