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Upgrading a staple

Over the next six months big changes are coming to the Jim Brady’s Detroit menu, thanks to their new chef, Christian Borden. Being done in four stages – with five dishes being executed at a time – Borden said they plan to change the entire core menu at 1214 S. Main Street, Royal Oak along with their other location in Ann Arbor, making it a bit more modern and upscale. The interior of the Royal Oak location is also being renovated in the near future. The first initiative was rolled out at the beginning of September and the dishes are already proving popular. “Immediately, we started selling multiple orders on the same ticket, and it’s not uncommon to have three impossible burgers and a grilled cheese (made with chao cheese, a dairy-free product) going out to a table,” Borden said. They also added a Faygo float, and Borden’s favorite, an exotic mushroom mix appetizer, topped with a brown sugar soy glaze. For those who love their Charlie Brown burger and chili – two items that have been on the menu for decades – don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere.

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