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Soulful mix

With his restaurant looking to open by mid-November, how is Gary Mui feeling? “Very scared and very excited,” laughed Mui, co-owner of the upcoming Alma Kitchen with Alicia Sanchez. Filled with art deco elements the restaurant – “alma” means “soul” in the kitchen – will open at 14300 E. Jefferson Avenue, Detroit and have a menu full of Chinese, American, and Mexican flavors. Mui wants to make it extremely clear though, this is not a fusion restaurant, so don’t expect something like almond boneless chicken tacos. “It’s kind of like an homage to growing up in the metro Detroit area,” said Mui, who is a first-generation Chinese-American. “We decided that we wanted to be authentic in some ways but also have some familiar flavors with a different preparation, like a modern take.” Examples of their cuisine include their almond boneless chicken with a scallion waffle, and birria tacos, a spicy Mexican stew full of meat and peppers. The drink menu will have craft cocktails with an international flare, and lots of options with tequila.

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