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Originally planned for summer, foodies will have to wait before they can eat at Michigan & Trumbull’s Corktown restaurant, 1439 W. Elizabeth Street. Kristen Calverley, who co-owns the Detroit-style pizza place with her husband, Nate Peck, said that construction is a bit behind schedule. Now, they are shooting for a November opening – but Detroiters can try their food before then. They recently got a spot at Fort Street Galley – 160 W. Fort Street, Detroit – where they’ll be through November 3. The duo worked with the Galley Group before in their Pittsburgh location, which closed in early August. “Having the people of Detroit taste the pizza for the first time is going to be really telling to us,” Calverley said. “So, this will either reassure us or make us go back to the drawing board.” Their limited menu – all of which will make its way to the brick-and-mortar, where the menu will expand – includes items like the Bagley Chorizo, which has chorizo, pickled onions, and cilantro ranch; Woodward White, mozzarella, ricotta, red pepper flake, lemon zest, and garlic oil; and two brunch pizzas, a sweet and a savory. They also have a vegan option. Calverley said they will do weekly featured pizzas as well. Michigan & Trumbull takes over the space formerly owned by Allenby, a gourmet sandwich food stall. Allenby is one of two food stalls that have closed since Fort Street Galley opened last year, the other being Pursue, which closed in May. Only two of the original four are still open, Isla and Lucky’s Noble BBQ.

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