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In January, a new craft cocktail lounge opened at The Detroit Club, 712 Cass Avenue, Detroit, called The Library. Tara Jagodzinski, one of The Library’s bar consultants – along with Mitch Nigl – said since opening, people have been up to trying their unique cocktails. “To set yourself apart from everyone else in Detroit you have to have something that’s going to make people want to come in,” she said. So what makes their cocktails different? Every drink is a different texture. Examples include the mirepoix (a mix of diced vegetables cooked in clarified butter) that’s found in the gin-based Ms. Found in a Bottle, and the carrot beet puree in Great Expectations, which also includes tequila and a jalapeño rice syrup. The Library’s menu includes small plates guests can enjoy on the lounge seating without worrying about making a mess, like deviled eggs, flatbreads, and a smoked octopus salad.

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