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Vegetarian Veg-O-Ram

Heading to Ikea or a soccer game in Canton and looking for a tasty treat? The vegetarian fast casual restaurant Veg-O-Rama will open a second location in Canton at 44930 Ford Road in late February. Owner Prafulla Kharkar said this location will have a slightly smaller space but bigger menu compared to their Ypsilanti location, and guests can expect to see more sides, like different types of tofu and green bean tempura. Veg-O-Rama will also expand to two more locations next year, in Ferndale and Detroit. With a clientele that’s almost 70 percent meat eaters, Kharkar thinks Veg-O-Rama could turn into something even bigger in the future. “We want to make this a nationwide food chain for vegans and vegetarians,” he said. All the five star reviews on everything from Facebook to Yelp would agree.

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