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Tailgate to-go packages

Prime + Proper’s executive butcher Walter Apfelbaum may be a New York Jets fan – which we won’t fault him for…too much – but he’s still willing to make a Detroit Lions tailgate a great one. “When I first moved here I was like, ‘Holy crap, everybody is tailgating,’” he said. “So I’m like, this is a great opportunity to utilize the rest of my trim, like the best part of everything.” Now through December, the restaurant at 1145 Griswold Street, Detroit, will be selling limited run tailgate-to-go packages each week through Eventbrite (the link can be found on their Instagram and Facebook pages @primeandproperdetroit). There are two package options, four-person and eight-person, and both include dry-aged all beef hot dogs, rib eyes, dry-aged burgers, limited edition prime relish, and seasoning. “If you eat one of the burgers, you’re eating every single steak, because there’s trim from every single steak in those burgers,” he said.

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