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Barter and arts

With bars opening all over metro Detroit, Cait Pluto, Jake Goodrich, and Jennifer Sandella wanted to make sure their bar would stand out. Enter Barter – located at 11601 Joseph Campau Avenue in Hamtramck – which will not only be a bar but a community arts space. “For us, it’s really about the arts and that’s kind of where this idea came from, and the bar sort of followed,” said Pluto, who is the marketing director of the unique combined space. “It just seemed like the perfect match.” With hopes of opening later this fall, ideally in late November/early December, Pluto said they want to have five acts a week once they open, ranging from live music to theater, with a focus on local artists. As far as the cocktails go, even a struggling artist should be able to afford them, and the menu is already on their website. Cans of beer will be in the $2-$3 range, and cocktails will hopefully max at $9, including Pluto’s favorite, the Get Up and Go, which combines bourbon, coffee, and chili liquor.

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