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New unique sushi

Sushi may be an ancient delicacy, but business partners Bruce Cobb and Steve Campbell are hoping to make it a little more fun at Blu Bar Sushi, 31225 Southfield Road in Beverly Hills, slated to open in September. While they will offer more traditional rolls, their sushi doughnut – yes, sushi doughnut, an already popular item in Japan and California – will be one of their more unique menu items. Cobb said they will mold rice into the doughnut shape, stuff it with a protein, then cover it with multiple toppings, like cucumbers and yum yum sauce. “You can pick it up with your hands and eat it versus having to use chopsticks…you can get your hands dirty with it and just jump right in,” Cobb said. The 900-square-foot restaurant will also have a bar and liquor license. But back to the food. Not only will they have sushi doughnuts, but plan on them offering sushi doughnut holes, sold by the half dozen and dozen, as well as a sushi slider. In addition, they are also going to host classes on topics ranging from how to make sushi to the world of sake.

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