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How sweet it is

Troy newcomer Le Choux is named after its sweet and delicate French cream puff pastries but cream puffs are just one of the delicacies offered at the independently owned French/Korean bakery. The bakery, which has seating for about 20 customers, is owned by Kevin and Christine Kim. Kevin points out that, unlike many chain bakeries, their products are made fresh each day and the dough is never frozen. Besides cream puffs, customers will find a large assortment of stuffed macarons inspired by Korean fatcarons and overloaded with tasty fillings including chocolate gnocchi, strawberry, matcha, mango, fig, red velvet, salted caramel, banana and blueberry yogurt. Flaky croissants are available in plain, almond or chocolate.  Handmade cakes are known for their light, whipped cream and are paired with fresh fruit. The Korean fusion side of the menu includes Pain de Champagne, which is a rustic country bread stuffed with sweet squash, cream cheese and rice cake, and Soboro – a soft bun stuffed with red beans. Kevin Kim explains the interesting evolution of the French bakery in his homeland of Korea. “Flour was introduced to our culture after the war but the French bakeries really took off after the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. We needed to feed the world,” he said. 3730 Rochester Road, Troy


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