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Daxton Delights walk-up window

Ending on a sweet note, did you know that Birmingham’s Daxton Hotel offers a walk-up ice cream window helping customers beat the heat all summer long? Patrons can indulge in frozen desserts such as sundaes, scoops and sandwiches – all made from scratch in Daxton’s very own award-winning Madam restaurant. The window is located on the northwest side of the hotel off Old Woodward Avenue. Menu items range for $6-14 and include sundaes such as the burnt honey sundae and the golden horse sundae – whose name is no doubt in honor of Daxton’s famous golden horse art instillation. There’s also scoops featuring flavors like classic vanilla gelato; chocolate gelato; coconut sorbet and Faygo push-pop, as well as decadent ice cream sandwiches of macaron and sweet and spicy choco taco. The window will be open all summer long, Thursday-Saturday from 6:30-9:30 p.m. 298 S Old Woodward Ave, Birmingham


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