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Pizza homecoming

Kristen Calverley and Nate Peck are coming home. The co-owners of Michigan & Trumbull – which started in Pittsburgh – are moving their Detroit-style pizza place to well, Detroit, at 1439 W. Elizabeth Street. With the hopes of opening as early as August Calverley knows you can get the infamous style pizza on all over Detroit, but it was after they started receiving positive feedback about their toppings and dough that they began to seriously consider a move to the mitten. The menu will include lots of pizza, including the Packard Pepperoni, which has red sauce, mozzarella, pickled chiles, pepperoni, and hot honey, as well as some additional sides, like wings, onion rings, and they’re thinking about adding fried calzones, called Boblo Boats. As for the atmosphere, Calverley said, “We’re going to try to make it feel like it’s a bar that’s essentially been there and shuttered and we kind of came in, added furniture, and set up shop.” ­Metro Intelligencer is a monthly column devoted to news stories, tidbits and gossip items about what's happening on the restaurant scene in the metro Detroit area. Metro Intelligencer is reported/created each month by Dana Casadei who can be reached at with news items or tips, on or off the record.

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